Sven-Göran Eriksson on Game Week 4

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Last week was difficult. I was shocked with the results. I did not expect Stoke to win against Arsenal. Manchester United are stronger this year and will be one of the favourites to win the Premier League. I think that this weekend will be easier to predict.

1. Ipswich – Fulham (HOME WIN)

Fulham are a very good team but have not shown this yet this year. They are struggling. Ipswich have won all of their games and I think they will prove to be a little too difficult this weekend. Ipswich win.

2. Cardiff – QPR (HOME WIN)

I correctly predicted the QPR win against Hull last weekend. I felt they played well but were lucky to come back in that game. This weekend they play a very strong Cardiff and I think QPR’s luck has just run out.

3. Birmingham – Reading (HOME WIN/DRAW) Upset

Reading have not started well this season after losing the chance to be in the Premier League only a few months ago. I feel this is affecting their mentality. Birmingham haven’t started well either but I think will beat a weak Reading team. I will hedge the draw too to be safe.

4. Watford – Brighton – (HOME WIN)

I like Watford. They’ve started well with a good draw against Liverpool and beating Bournemouth last weekend. Brighton are not up to Premier League standards yet and will struggle.

5. Newcastle – West Ham (HOME WIN/DRAW) Upset

I feel as though Mr Bilic has signed some very good talent this summer, unfortunately they do not seem to be working well together yet. Rafa Benitez has a strong Newcastle team and I do not see West Ham winning at St James this weekend.

6. Huddersfield – Southampton (HOME WIN/DRAW)

Huddersfield have started very well this season, they have a very good team mentality and will prove difficult to a lot of teams this year. I predict another win for them this weekend.

7. Crystal Palace – Swansea – (AWAY WIN/DRAW)

Crystal Palace are playing a very defencive type of football. Swansea did not deserve to lose by so many goals last week and defended well. I think they will be better this week but will come draw. I will hedge the away win as well, just in case.

8. Nottingham Forest – Leeds (HOME WIN/DRAW)

This will be a very close game. Both Nottingham Forest and Leeds have started well and the two teams are only a point apart. I think Nottingham will win this due to their home advantage.

9. Man Utd – Leicester (HOME WIN) Banker

Jose Mourinhio has bought very good players this summer and they all seem to be working very well together. They also have a very deep squad which will help them with all the games they’ll have to play this season. Leicester have started strong but I do not think they will cause any problems to Manchester United this weekend.

10. WBA – Stoke (HOME WIN/DRAW)

I was surprised that Stoke beat Arsenal last week. To be honest, I feel Arsenal were just having a bad day and this should not give us an indication that Stoke are a team to worry about/ West Brom have started well and I think they will win this weekend.

11. Chelsea – Everton (HOME WIN) Banker

Rooney has proved again that he is a great striker. I was saddened to hear that he has retired from England but he has proven to the World he is one of England’s best strikers. This game will be tough, Chelsea need to prove that they are as good as they were last year. I think they will beat Everton this weekend.

12. Spurs – Burnley – (HOME WIN) Banker

I enjoyed last week’s game between Chelsea and Tottenham. Both very good teams and the result could have gone either way. I expect Tottenham to make up for losing last week and win this weekend.

13. Liverpool – Arsenal (HOME WIN/DRAW)

This is a very hard match to predict. Both teams have started the season with mistakes and lost points and both need to prove to their fans that they are contenders for the title this year. I think Liverpool, at Anfield, will be able to beat an inconsistent Arsenal.

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