James Allcott on Game Week 3

Check out my predictions in the video provided – in case you’d like a write-up of all my bankers and upsets, take a look below and good luck!

Southampton vs West Ham – Banker- draw
West Ham got absolutely pumped by Man Utd, that was a tough game and they’re not as bad as it made them look. Despite that, if they’re still missing Lanzini, there’s a lack of creativity in the middle of the park which was a massive problem for them last year. They’re going to Southampton, who drew 0-0 in their maiden game of the season, I can’t see too much of a different result from that and I’m certain it’ll be another draw.
QPR vs Hull – Banker- Hull win
QPR are unbeaten so far, but unfortunately, I’m going to have to go against my own team. We’ve got 4 games in 2 weeks and we’re coming up against another strong squad having played last years play-off finalists Reading and semi-finalists Sheffield Wednesday. Norwich will be another tough test and we might run out of steam against them and not have much left in the tank when we come to play Hull. So it feels like an away banker for me, Hull will be too strong and it kills me to say it.
Stoke City vs Arsenal – Banker – Arsenal win
Stoke’s first home game of the season, the fans are not sure about Mark Hughes and they haven’t bought well given that they’ve let go of arguably their best player in Arnautovic. They’ve got Bojan who’s back in the team having come back from injury, but is he someone you can hang your hat on? Have other squads moved on ahead of Stoke? All that being put into the mix, with Arsenal’s incredible attack, I feel they’ll easily pick them apart.
Aston Villa vs Norwich – Upset- Norwich win
I know Norwich are favourites to go up, and they do have a good squad, but they’ve only gained one point from their first two games – Aston Villa however are doing just as badly. A reason why this will be an upset is because of the amount of money Aston Villa have spent. It adds so much pressure, and as a QPR fan, we spent a large quantity of money on big names, so teams came to Loftus Road and they were so up for it because it was a massive opportunity to play against top players and beat them. That’s what Aston Villa have to cope with this season.
In Norwich, a lot of people would say they’ve had a bad start, they’re continuing their poor form from last season, but they’ve got a new manager and a whole new philosophy, Jack from Talk Norwich City said to me himself that despite losing to Sunderland there’s a lot of positives there and once they does click, then they’re going to start picking up points, and I think that click is going to happen against Aston Villa.
Huddersfield vs Newcastle – Upset – Huddersfield win
I think it’ll be Newcastle fans who’ll be really upset this time next week because facing Huddersfield is a game they’re expected to win and they need to be picking up points even if it’s away from home.
For Huddersfield, they’re coming off the back of a 3-0 win and it’s their first home game in the Premier League. They’re going to be underdogs throughout the season but they’re got a team there that can do stuff, their pressing makes other teams work and because of that I think Newcastle will underestimate Huddersfield, Rafa Benitez isn’t currently happy and I can only see the misery compiling, so I’m going for a home win.
Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea – Upset – Spurs win
Spurs are moving to Wembley, and having Chelsea at home isn’t an ideal first game given their poor record against them having lost to them in the semi-final of the FA Cup most recently. Having said that, Chelsea will be struggling going into the game, they’ve got no midfield. They’re going to have to try something different like moving David Luiz into midfield and then after that add two new centre backs into their defence.
90,000 fans are at Wembley, only 3,000 of them Chelsea, it’s going to be loud and I think that’ll surprise Spurs fans a lot because they’ll be up for this game, but if Chelsea can get win then it can put to bed some of the ‘woes’ for this Chelsea side. Going into this game Spurs have a massive opportunity and I think they’re going to win, and I think they’re going to win convincingly.

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