The Gaffer on Game Week 4

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I’m starting to have this love hate relationship with these crazy results. As a passionate fan of the sport, I love the shock results, as a Pundit, I hate them! Time to hit a few more winners this weekend and I have a good feeling too!

1. Ipswich – Fulham (HOME WIN)

Fulham haven’t won a single game yet, Ipswich are in second place with 4 out of 4 wins. A lot of fans of the game think Ipswich’s luck is about to run out. These are the same fans that thought Leicester’s would run out a couple of years ago. I have faith in these guys and I think they’ll get the win this weekend to take their streak to 5 games.

2. Cardiff – QPR (HOME WIN) Banker

I think everyone went against QPR last week against Hull but they came back from a goal down to prove us all wrong! Cardiff are on top after 4 games and have played considerably good football. QPR got lucky last week, I don’t think they’ve got what it takes to win again. Cardiff win.

3. Birmingham – Reading (DRAW/AWAY WIN)

Birmingham are having a tough time this year. They just about won their first game against Bristol, drew to Bolton and lost to a poor Burton Albion. Reading haven’t starting off much better either but have had stronger competition, even beating Aston Villa. Considering their away, I’ll call a draw on this one but hedge the away win.

4. Watford – Brighton – (HOME WIN)

The mighty Watford, they’re doing well so far aren’t they? Drawing to Liverpool, beating Bournemouth away and keeping a clean sheet. Brighton on the other hand haven’t had the best of starts. Watford to win.

5. Newcastle – West Ham (DRAW/AWAY WIN) Upset

I feel bad for Bilic, he is a proven manager and did well in a difficult transfer summer but his players are just not doing the business for him. Newcastle, under Benitez, are nowhere near convincing either. Both teams have seen red this season already and that just further instils the truth that there is a sense of turmoil in the ranks. I can see a draw in this game but I’ll hedge West Ham to edge it.

6. Huddersfield – Southampton (HOME WIN/DRAW)

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Hudders are in the Premier League and they don’t plan on going back to the Championship any time soon. They’re a passionate team and I think they’ll do the business at home against Southampton.

7. Crystal Palace – Swansea – (AWAY WIN/DRAW)

Crystal Palace seem to be happy to just about make it over the finishing line this year and what I mean by that is, avoid relegation. Swansea’s 4-0 loss last week is not a true reflection of the actual game. They played well, held the ball but were unfortunately undone in a span of 4 minutes towards the end of the game. They’ll learn from their mistakes and come out stronger this weekend.

8. Nottingham Forest – Leeds (AWAY WIN/DRAW) Upset

As I said last week, I have faith in Leeds doing the business this year. Christiansen is a good manager and has gotten a good team together coming into this year. Nottingham Forest struggled last year and they’ll want to do better but I just don’t see it in this game. It’ll be tight but I’m going for the upset here – Leeds win.

9. Man Utd – Leicester (HOME WIN)

Is it too soon to say that Manchester United, in their last two games, have looked like the Manchester United we’ve all come to know in the past? I think so. West Ham were a walkover, Swansea proved a little more challenging. Leicester, they’ve started well and I feel they’ll be United’s first challenge of the season. Can they take a point from Old Trafford? I doubt it but with all these shock results lately, you never know.

10. WBA – Stoke (HOME WIN) Banker

I’m not too confident with Stoke at all this season, I don’t think they’ve got what it takes. Yes, they beat Arsenal last week but let’s be honest, it’s Arsenal – they’ll go and beat Chelsea and then lose to a league 2 team a few days later. West Brom have started strong and I think they’ll keep that up.

11. Chelsea – Everton (HOME WIN/DRAW)

Everton have come out strong early on this season, big man Rooney has proved he still has what it takes to be a goal scorer in this ever increasingly competitive league. Chelsea stumbled on the first hurdle but recovered a little bit of their pride against Spurs last weekend. This will be a tough game but I think, if Chelsea play like they did last week, they’ll edge this.

12. Spurs – Burnley – (HOME WIN) Banker

Last week was a game of two very good teams, Chelsea and Spurs, both went out looking for the win and unfortunately for them, it was Spurs. This wont set them back in any way and expect them to come back stronger and expecting to end the game against Burnley with all 3 points.

13. Liverpool – Arsenal  (DRAW/HOME WIN)

This is going to be so much fun. Both teams prone to making silly mistakes, both teams have great players but not too much on the bench, both teams are going to come out and want the win no matter what. Impossible to call. Draw for me but this can go either way but I’ll hedge a Liverpool win purely due to home advantage.


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