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Blimey, what an opening weekend we had! Thirteen goals in the first two games of the Premier League, Burnley beating Chelsea in their own backyard, Mourinhio showing off his new toys – more of that this weekend please!

1. Queens Park Rangers vs Hull – (AWAY WIN/DRAW)

Tough one this one, I’ve got faith in QPR doing the business this year but Hull have started off this season running towards the top half of the table. This will be an interesting one but I think Hull will take a point or three from this game.

2. Preston vs Reading – (AWAY WIN/DRAW)

Considering the start they had this season, I wasn’t too sure Reading had what it takes to beat Villa mid-week, but low and behold, they did. Hopefully that gave them the jump start they needed this season. Preston will be a tough cookie but I think Reading will take this.

3. Fulham vs Sheff Wed – (HOME WIN)

You’d think Sheffield Wednesday would be composed, strong and fighting to get into the Premier League – nothing in their first three games points to that at all. Fulham are desperate to get their season really going and will need a win at the cottage this weekend.

4. Aston Villa vs Norwich – (HOME WIN/DRAW)

Steve, what’s going on mate? This isn’t the Aston Villa side we all thought were going to be at least in the top 5 this season. Norwich have started well, they’re complacent and eager to win. I’ve got this sneaky feeling this is Villa’s time to turn it around though and will be going for the home win. I’ll hedge the draw too though because you can never be too careful.

5. Southampton vs West Ham – (AWAY WIN) Upset

Bilic, what happened? West Ham, you’d think, did a good job in the transfer window this year, signing on some great talent – if only he played them against United… Oh wait he did. Ouch. Southampton need to grab something from this but I think West Ham will learn from their mistakes last week and show up – I’m calling an away win here.

6. Liverpool vs Crystal Palace – (HOME WIN) Banker

Crystal Palace did not show up last week at all. De Boer seems complacent with just assuring they stay in the Premier League this season and that’s never a good sign, especially in the second game of the season. Liverpool should have won last week. I do feel Liverpool’s bench is a little thin but they’ll be furious with dropping points, in the first game none the less, and will come out all guns blazing this weekend.

7. Leicester vs Brighton – (HOME WIN)

That opener was good fun wasn’t it? Goals, goals, goals and we’re all hoping for more. Vardy seems to have found his shooting boots again and it looks like Mahrez is staying put this year. Brighton played a good game against a strong Manchester City but I don’t think they’ll be able to hold on this weekend. Leicester win.

8. Burnley vs WBA – (HOME WIN) Banker

I’ve got a love hate for Burnley at the moment. Love them because they beat Chelsea and everyone enjoys a good ol’ David and the Goliath spectacle, hate them because they beat Chelsea and already ruined my banker percentage! Having said that, they were great last week, strong, resilient and not afraid – they’ll come into this West Brom game on a high and I think they’ll take all three points again.

9. Bournemouth vs Watford – (HOME WIN/DRAW)

Watford were great against a Liverpool side that seemed to not be entirely there last week. Having said that, I do honestly feel as if luck had a little to play in that game. Bournemouth should have at least grabbed a point last week and they’ll be kicking themselves because of it. I can see them taking a point or three from this weekend though.

10. Sunderland vs Leeds – (AWAY WIN/DRAW) Upset

Sunderland haven’t started too great but it could just be early season jitters. Leeds have started strong and I can definitely see them competing for at least a play-off position this year. I have a good feeling about them this week and will be backing them to win.

11. Stoke vs Arsenal – (AWAY WIN/DRAW)

I thoroughly enjoyed last week’s opening game. Arsenal were driven and hungry for goals, their only problem is they let one too many in. Stoke were far from great last week but they do know how to hold their ground. Away win but I will cover the draw too, just in case.

12. Huddersfield vs Newcastle – (HOME WIN/DRAW)

I’ve got a soft spot for Huddersfield, I think they’ve got what it takes to at least keep their place in the Premier League this season. Newcastle on the other hand, not so much. They should have strengthened a little more over the summer and losing Shelvey last week to a very silly stamp will affect them. I’m calling a home win on this one.

13. Tottenham vs Chelsea – (DRAW) Banker

I’m looking forward to this one! Tottenham were brilliant last week against Rafa’s Newcastle, they held strong and proved why they came in runners up last season. Chelsea.. Wow – A loss to Burnley in their own backyard, not a good start Conte! Chelsea have a habit at bouncing back especially against top opponents though and because of that, I’m banking on a draw.

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